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About Us

Service, quality, durability, options and ‘creative’ work from home solutions that are simply irresistible, these make the perfect blend for one who wants to blend in.

Yes, this is what defines us. We are a company that manufacture work from home solutions. You heard it right, it is not just official furniture, these are official solutions that fit well, blend well and easily become a part of your home. Now bring home your office with a touch of ‘YOU’ in everything. KAYO is for you, your way. Whether you are manager, senior management, or even the leadership, KAYO comes in all shapes and sizes befitting your professional profile. KAYO has been designed and developed with utmost detail serving different job profiles. Manufactured using world class quality material and designed by top of the line creative professionals, KAYO is the future of simplified work from home environment.

Step Into The Future – With Mood!

It’s time you do! Experience is the mother of all action. When life throws at you the challenge most unexpected, that is when you rise with all your might and make the greatest effort – to survive and win.

Born out of a challenge, cast in the fires of the toughest times a business could face, and armoured with resilience, tenacity functionality that is made to last, here’s presenting KAYO – the new age work from home solutions. KAYO – it’s just what you need, what you desire, and what you aspire for – Love At Work!

Cutting It Short – Get Into Action

Working from home is not an option today. It is the need of the hour. At the bat of an eyelid, our whole world changed... and now it’s time to adapt to that change by transforming ourselves. And to perform from your home with perfection, KAYO will help you achieve that goal.

Not Just Furniture – A Complete Solution

KAYO is not just furniture. It is a thought brought into action to help you thrive in a home environment. Ergonomically designed with a fantastic range of tables, shelves, chairs and storage that immediately transport you into the world that you have always imagined would be yours.

KAYO is sleek, apt, beautiful, colourful and lively and will inspire you to stay afresh no matter where you install it. It is the prefect work from home solution for the person who believes that one should work in an organized way.

KAYO packs the punch by combining all facilities, amenities and accessories that one had while working in an office. KAYO is performance at its best for those who believe in performing at their best.

Everything Official About It

Yes it is. Now that you or your employee has taken that step to work from home, we know you need a partner who can facilitate effective working at all times. With options for inbuilt official accessories, KAYO ensures smooth and seamless working.