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How Ergonomics can help to cure severe back and neck pain?

One of the significant reasons for the occurrence of severe back and neck pains lies in the ever-changing lifestyle patterns of individuals. In the last several years it has been found that the onset is beginning much earlier in school children, college children, and young working professionals complaining about a very high

propensity of back and neck pain.

What Causes Back and Neck Pains?

Employees from corporates and industries are largely practicing work from home since the pandemic.  Well, the root cause behind this rising back and neck pains is due to improper sitting postures, not following good ergonomics, and practicing unhealthy working habits at home. 

The massive influence of gadgets, technology, and the sedentary work lifestyle prevalent in our lives leads to a poor posture. In the past, such cases were usually found in older people. But for more than two years, I meet patients coming up with excruciating back pains especially from the field of the IT
sector, mostly across age groups from 25 to 35 years.

While many of them ignore these reasons initially, but not curing the pain for a sustainably longer period of time, leads to the manifestation of diseases such as Cervical Pain, Joint Muscle Pain, Coccydynia, Frozen shoulder, and Insomnia.

Tips to Cure Severe Back & Neck Pain
Here are a few tips that are generally advisable for those with the hope to cure these problems through natural and simple techniques. 

1.  Prefer Ergonomic seating

  • To cope up with stressful work environments and to develop right work posture, ergonomic seating has become a necessity.
  • Various statistics reveal that majority of the working population are hit by back pain at their desks more than once a week. 
  • Prefer to use ergonomic furniture over the normal furniture available at home. This helps to level up the body posture in a symmetrical manner.
  • Besides, ergonomic workstation helps to avoid muscle injuries and permanent disabilities and sustains your posture to a comfortable level.
  • Ergonomics can bring a dramatic and far-reaching impact on working style and supports to improve your productivity to great extent. 

KAYO is an emerging brand who provides cutting-edge designer ergonomic furniture at affordable prices. They create designs that can improvise your workstation at home and in the way you manner to work from home.

  1. Pay Attention to your Desk Setup
  • While you sit at your desk to work, keep your shoulders and arms at a 90-degree angle.
  • Take care that the position of your computer screen should be high enough to avoid looking downward. Position your monitor right ahead at eye level.
  • Choose an ergonomic standing desk for online meetings and discussions. Keep your spine in a neutral position. 
  1. Choose the right posture while at work
  • Do not slouch or sit slumped on your office chair. Avoid lying on your belly on the bed while you work on your laptop.
  • Also, sitting on the bed without a proper ergonomic setup for long hours and working on a laptop is not advisable.
  • Preferably, avoid those postures that motivate a sedentary lifestyle and promote lack of physical activity. These habits can cause more stress and pain to develop in your lower back region.
  1. Do exercises to strengthen your muscles
  • Build up a good habit to practice various types of exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. 
  • Do exercises for your core muscles in your arms, legs, neck, shoulder, and lower upper back. 
  • Meet a physiotherapist who can guide you in the right manner to cure your pains with natural and therapeutic remedies.

Final Thoughts

The above tips and solutions to choose ergonomic style of working from home can create a phenomenal improvement in your daily work lifestyle and will keep you healthy.

In case if you are suffering from severe back and neck pains, talk to your doctor for getting proper treatments and therapies.

Author -

Dr. Richa Gupta


APBC (U.S.A, Thailand),

Mat Pilates Instructor (Ireland)